​What is sea moss? Sea moss or Irish Sea Moss is a sea vegetable that is naturally found in the Caribbean Ocean.​​ Sea moss has many benefits that support good health and wellness, containing 92 of the 102 minerals needed in our bodies daily.

Other major benefits include:

  • Promote digestion
  • Removes mucus
  • Reduces inflammation 
  • Aids with weight loss
  • Aphrodisiac 
  • Nourishes skin and hair

Allergies? If you are allergic to shellfish, please avoid consumption as this product may cause a negative reaction.

How is it made? Simple Wellness Sea Moss Gel is prepared with 100% wildcrafted sea moss sourced from Jamaica, soaked in spring water and lime. Once the sea moss is ready for consumption, gel is made using only spring water. 

Each jar is freshly made within 48 hours of order shipment or delivery. 

How long does the gel last?

Sea moss lasts up to 30 days if stored in refrigerator, and lasts up to 3 months if stored in a freezer.