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Simple Start Cleanse Pack

Simple Start Cleanse Pack

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Simple Start Cleanse Pack is an easy way to heal and reset your digestive tract, kick start a diet, or give your body rest from heavy eating with solid foods.

How to use the cleanse :

  • Take 1 juice shot first thing upon waking up. Tip: For maximum absorption drink warm water directly following the juice shot. 
  • Wait about 30 minutes- 1 hour before your first drink.
  • Take Green Clean juice #1  - the green juice is packed with chlorophyll which is beneficial for reducing inflammation , enhances oxygen to blood cells, and controls inflammation.
  • Take Orange Power or Heart Beet juice #2 approximately 3 hours after your first juice. The mid-day juice includes ingredients such as Vitamin C in Orange Power that boots immune system , carrots for a healthy glow . Our Heart Beet juice has natural blood purifying nutrients, along with ginger that is a natural digestive aid.
  • Take the Alkaline Chia water along with your mid-day juice to keep you full and hydrated. Alkaline water is a 9.5 ph, and chia gives you an extra fullness feeling, adding fiber to your juice cleanse.
  • Take the Pineapple Ginger Aide #3  as your last juice for the night. Bromelain in the pineapple will help your digestive break down any proteins if you are taking the cleanse with solid foods. 
  • Take Alkaline Chia water following your juice to keep you full for the remainder of the night.

*If you are using this cleanse as a meal replacement, or take medications requiring consuming solid food, consult with a medical professional for advice. 

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